Webster/Heatherbrook Park

Heatherbrook Park Features


  • 9 Acres, at the end of Wildwood Court from Pralle Lane

Webster Park

Webster Park is the newest addition to our outdoor recreational opportunities. This piece of property is not currently open to the public, but plans are in the works. In 2005, the Parks and Recreation Board contracted with SWT Design to aid in the development of a master plan for the Park and Horner and Shifrin Engineering Company to engineer the roadway and parking lot for construction. Construction documents for the roadway and parking lot are near completion and approval from the Corps of Engineers for construction has been requested.

Through public input, a master plan has been developed with great features for Webster Park and redevelopment of Heatherbrook Park which is adjacent to the South. The two park areas complement each other nicely with a combined 29 acres of recreational opportunities both passive and active.

Webster Park’s topography is much different than most of our City Parks. It features rolling hills, a meadow, wooded areas and a creek. The final design accents these features with walking trails, picnic areas, wetlands, pavilions and a community building for gatherings. The trail system will provide a walking link between Webster and Heatherbrook Parks.

Heatherbrook Park has a fishing lake that will be enlarged and enhanced with walking trails surrounding the perimeter of the Park. The entryway and parking lot will also be renovated for easier access. The wonderful open space in the middle of the park is great for a pick up game of football, soccer or softball.

All improvements included in the master plan for both areas estimates total cost at $3.5 million. This development will be completed in phases with funding currently available to construct the roadway and parking lot into Webster Park. Park Staff are working on existing structures for demolition or upgrades for public use.

Webster and Heatherbrook Park Master Plan PDF


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