Welcome to the St. Charles Parks and Recreation Department blog!

We are always looking to improve the quality of the City’s parks and recreational programs and we want to hear from you!  This blog is a place where you can come and see the latest in local activities, festivals, and development plans.

The great thing about this site is you can really establish a dialogue with us and your fellow park-goers.  Below every article you can leave your comments on the topic at hand.  Have a suggestion for the water park concession stands?  Have a complaint about park operations?  Do you just want to tell us “good job” or talk about your little leaguers’ big game last night?  You are welcome and encouraged to do it here.  You don’t even need to mess with a clumsy registering process; just type your name and email above your comment and let your message be heard.

Remember, these are your parks.  Your comments and suggestions will drive this site and make the community a more beautiful and fun place for everyone.

Have a great day!


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  1. 1

    Joe said,

    I love the parks!!! My only suggestion is that some do need a tire swing. Also I wouldn’t mind having a frisbee golf course, that would be totally awesome! Bum’s Hallow Concerts are great and should happen more often. The Office by far has the best staff ever and all other city departments should be upset they are not as cool as the parks!!!

  2. 2

    Ron said,

    About 45 years ago, I have great memories of having many family gatherings at Sun Tan Beach. I recall my dad driving crossing the “old” bridge (before Interstate 70) into St Charles, then turning right, and driving about 10 minutes or so. Sun Tan Beach was on the right side of the small “country” highway.

    Does Sun Tan Beach still exist? When I googled it, I couldn’t find any info on it.

    Can you give me any info and/or better directions?



  3. 3

    stcparks said,

    Okay, so after some investigation I learned a little about what Sun Tan Beach was. Apparently, after one of the floods, there was a permanent pool of water formed off of Highway 94. The landowners opened it up to the public so people could lay out there and wade in the water.

    Nobody here in the office knows whether it’s still open for people to go visit, but I’m sure you can still drive by where it is/was.

    You’ll have to get to North Hwy 94. You can do that by taking Hwy 370 to the 3rd Street/94 exit and taking it north or if you are coming from downtown St. Charles, follow 3rd Street north until it crosses 370 and becomes Hwy 94. Follow 94 north and you should see the spot on your right. If you hit Hwy B, you’ve gone too far.

    Hope this helps.

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