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McNair Sports Court Reconstruction

The tennis courts at McNair were last rehabbed in 1984.  Since then, cracks have formed on the light standards and net posts creating a rough playing surface that is more suited for recreational play than a serious match.

With the recent renovation of the tennis courts at the McNair Day Camp to accommodate tennis players, it’s time to fix up the worn down courts and turn them into a recreation area that can be used by as many citizens as possible.

In 1999, a survey of St. Charles citizens showed that interest in tennis was waning and people were interested is seeing more basketball and inline hockey courts.

So, the question is, what do you want to see done with the old McNair courts?  The Parks Department has a budget of up to $235,000 for the project.  One suggested renovation proposal would turn the worn tennis court area into a multipurpose sports court, but no final decisions have been made.  What sports are you most interested in playing on those courts and what should we do to make the area more fun for you and your family?


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